relaxation at VillaBranca, spa is always ready, the water is kept at 35ºC by a low consumption heating system

the view from the spa is fantastic

a tv is conveniently positioned to watch your favourites program inside the spa

led lights offer a inspiring atmosphere and the integrated sound system, water conveyed sound with a nice subwoofer and iPod plug connected to the submersible remote control allows you to conveniently control volume and tracks playing


equiped with static byke, walker and multi purpose weight system plus a set of other fitness accessories its tempting to use and get in shape

from the ceiling you have 3 straps hooked to the concrete, to acomodate box bag, rocking suspended chair or any other equipment

the floor, same porous anti-skid stone as the deck, stands water with no problems and is equiped with insulated power plugs to avoid power cords all around