living in VillaBranca is easy, joyfull and inspiring

DSC 8820

wake up in the suite with the magnificent view throught the panoramic window, 

DSC 8881

walk out of the family rooms level (3) watching the trees throught the glass cut of the stairs, go for breaksfast in the kitchen surrounded by the pool, pleasant in summer as it is in the winter

DSC 8471

have a snack at the bar in the kitchen area, where the tv just turned on by your presence, showing the entry road as if it was a window to the front door

DSC 8497

… or in hot weather go outside to get some sun and listen birds singing

at night, VilaBranca takes care of everything, inteligently raises shadows and light up a nice atmosphere all around. the deck glass guards reflects themselves, creating infinite mirror views

DSC 7969

DSC 8680

keep in shape, use the gymn, swim on the pool, use moutain bykes to got out on the forests behind, use the sauna to clean your skin, use the warm spa to relax while watching tv or listening a chillout on the spa sound system

partying in VillaBranca is great, easy and impressive in many ways

DSC 5035

you will find that the house has many gathering areas: 

  • the deck and pool; 
  • the solarium; 
  • the garage patio; 
  • the backyard and BBQ; 
  • the dinning room; 
  • the living and the home cinema 
  • and of course the games room

VillaBranca parties accomodate as many guests as needed and it will always look like “there are some friends around” never feeling too crowded

DSC 8381

getting back home is easy and convenient. Use your phone to open the gates and park your car in the garage, you are inside or just walk ou and climb the stairs to the deck

DSC 8384

shoping is also very easy, garage 2 links to the food closet at the same level with wide corridors, use a cart to get your stuff in the “grocery” with minimal effort

IMG 1226

control gates, lights and more from anywhere. Open and close the house from anywhere, see the cameras. Open the door to your guest friend if you are late. Got that delivery, open the door to the carrier guys and watch what they do in your phone

DSC 8631

temperature is always great inside, hot in winter, cold in summer - by design mainly - the thick concrete wals; the pool around the main body of the house keeps the temperature, based on a strong thermal inertia. The windows and construction uses a technique called “thermal” walls and windows that accumulates temperature during the day and releases it at night.