300 cubic metters of water, surrounds the main body of the house embracing the living room

almost 4 mts in the deepest area, its a massive bucket of water. 16 meters on the longest area, excelent for swimming, or just use the counter current pump for harsh training. 

low depth area, very approriate for kids or just relax in-water, close to the living island, thus great for watching kids or just chating on the dry

the “lake” gets water directly from the filtering system via a led iluminated waterfall, everytime the filters are working there water being renovated in the lake

the pool filtering system is an exclusive design, integrated directly by VillaBranca’s automation, deep buried in the heart of the house, silent, has many surprising features

  • 3hp swim pump, great for exercise or strong massage
  • free solar heating, if the sun is shining, detected by the light sensors, a low power pump circulates the water in two heating pannels on the roof, getting free heating, it raises the temperature of the pool by up to 5ºC, with costs close to zero
  • automatic water level control, the system monitors the level of the water and fills from the well when needed, thus keeping the cleaning surface flow at the right level at all times, maximing the system by avoiding deposits to sink
  • salt based disinfection complement by ultraviolet light, both system skin friendly, the water feels salted but pure, na harm caused to the skin or eyes even on all day baths
  • two big sand filters to allow double flow on treatment
  • two 6hp filter motors, alternating for redundancy and fail safe, or together when vaccum cleaning and backwash
  • PH levels - acidity - automatic control, good for skin and eyes and great for the eletrolitic disinfection chemical reactions
  • automatic backwash and rinse by sand filter pressure mettering
  • maintenance tunnel to control walls and tubes around the pool