VillaBranca is fully automated like you’ve never seen anywhere

designed, manufactured and installed by Viktor and its companies Nfive & NSeven, is unique in the market, performs like any other, and this house is what it is thanks to automation, it’s hard to imagine VillaBranca without the automation

the system is build by modules and distributed main boards along the house (24 main boards total and a lot of sub systems), resulting in a  fail safe system

DSC 8896

the role of the automation is multiple and the integration with other system total and tight

VillaBranca gets inteligence and personality, it takes cares of the persons inside and care of itself, highly minimizing maintenance and worries

it closes doors intelligently, handles all the lights and systems based on utilisation

the automation allows full control of the house loacally or remotely via desktop and mobile website integrating cameras and access control

secure and surveilled

VillaBranca’s security, proven effective, is achieved by

  • intelligent and responsive actions to intrusion
  • full surveillance coverage camera (access pathways only to maintain privacy)
  • ACTA access control terminals

4 terminals ensure the enroll operations as well as the access to exterior and interior zones

the access control terminals also do time and attendance so you can control working times and access hours to cleaning and maintenance personnel