Viktor designs art works - ruled by design and functionality - are everywhere around…

DSC 7978

the deck guards, an exclusive design, stainless steel and glass, white ilumination slots acrylic sealed. Vary effective against conventional guards in many perspectives: it protects kids and small objects, the glass allows a clear landscape view from all the deck and from the living, bar and couch, reflecting lights at night in beatifull effects; minimal maintenance required, no painting or repairs requires a deep cleaning once a year just to keep shiny.

the Q-Table in the dinning room, calculated for 12~16 people, or just a couple having dinner. The massive stone legs grants robustness, and the thick noble table top joins a total weight of around 1,5 tons offering a very solid feel while keeping the warmth of the stone and wood. The illumination was calculated for multiple ligh scenarios and offers and adptative atmosphere. The opening offers an area of service with access to the guest from front, or can be used also as a kids area, the top has the necessary size for two facing sits

DSC 8706

the blades table in front of the gym, has a purpose: to protect the glass area the lights the games room during the day, avoiding people and kids mainly to skid and fall. It is build in stainless steel and glass to endure outdoor environment, and lit wit rgb leds on the edge on the glasses, during the day is convenient, at night is beatifull

DSC 7957