Villabranca is so nice, such a good business, that I decided to explain the selling reasons to avoid suspicions.

Vitor Marques (Viktor) - the owner - left Ericeira. Living now in Dubai with the family. He got to Ericeira almost two decades ago by business reasons, stayed for 15 years against its habit of moving regularly because life in Ericeira is really nice. Recently, by family reasons, got the motivation to move, thus selling its beloved VillaBranca.


asking price: 1.680.000 €

included on base price: all electronic systems, automation, entertainment, the TV’s and sound systems, all maintenance tools, the gymn equipment, the games equipment, snoocker table, flippers, all the art-works like the Q-table, all the furniture installed, sofas, rooms furniture, all ktchen equipments. Rough calculation of equipments left purchase value = 150.000 €

just for comparison:  official market value by M2 = 2.640.000 € with no equipment considered.


Villabranca has been totally refurbished, exterior painting, floor polishing, all details fixed, it’s clean and shiny, ready to use next day.

All documents ready for imediate sale

all necessary equipments installed, few personal belongings

availability to provide consultancy on eventual adaptation rebuild wishes